How does a brand photoshoot work? Part 1

What happens before the shoot 

Have you ever wondered what’s involved in a brand photoshoot, and how it can boost your business?

In this blog series, we’re going to show you the methodology we use at Capture the Present to create high-quality images that help you grow your brand and showcase to your audience why they should do business with you!

Step 1: Initial enquiry 

It starts from your first enquiry, as we’ll ask you a series of basic questions so we can understand your specific needs. These include:

– Can you describe your business and the problems it solves for clients?

– What are the ultimate goals of the imagery you want? For example, are you looking to raise awareness, educate or drive sales?

– What platforms and media will you use the images on? Websites, flyers or other marketing material?

– Do you have a brand guide?

– When do you require the final images?

Step 2: Face-to-face meeting (in person or via Zoom) 

At your face-to-face meeting, we’ll go through our step-by-step process based on the proven StoryBrand framework . This allows us to help clarify your message and determine the specific images your business requires to showcase what you offer and the problems you solve. This process is our ace in the hand, and allows us to make you stand out from all the visual noise fighting for customers’ attentions.

After all, there’s more to visual messaging than just taking a few snaps and calling it a day!

Every picture says a thousand words. It’s why we strive to understand your business and goals from the get-go so we can ensure the images we provide communicate the right message, and communicate it with absolute clarity.

This step-by-step process is so effective that it’s even helped our clients develop new realisations and perspectives on their brand!

Step 3: Briefing document

After we’ve met, we’ll provide you with a detailed briefing document that outlines all the points discussed in our meeting.

And yes, you get to take this home with you!

Step 4: Breaking it down 

This is where we provide you with a simple breakdown of what will be involved in the shoot, including:

– What you need to do to prepare for the shoot, such as making sure clothes are ironed and you spend additional time grooming before the shoot

– Date, time and location(s)

– Logistics

– Whether props or additional pre-production is required

– Colour palette

– Whether we require hair and makeup artists

– Scheduling. Unless you have a specific schedule to stick to, we’ll organise the shoot schedule (of course, making sure it works for you)

By fleshing out and breaking down the brief, we ensure we’re ready and set to create amazing images for your shoot, and that you’re completely on board and keyed into everything that will happen.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series where we’ll outline how the magic happens during the shoot.

BTW if you haven’t come across Donald Miller’s content and his incredible book ‘Building a Storybrand‘, don’t hesitate. Get yourself a copy now and your business will be better for it!

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