How does a brand photoshoot work? Part 2

What happens during the shoot 

In part 1 of this series, we covered what happens before a shoot. For this part, we’ll walk you through the shoot to help you understand our process and how we create images that grow your brand.

When you arrive, we start by greeting you and making sure you feel comfortable. If on location, we’ll have a quick scout of the area (if this hasn’t already occurred). If in the studio however, we’ll immediately take you through general housekeeping and guide you through our facilities.

It’s then time for us to have a quick chat about the schedule for the day, and run through the brief to ensure we’re still on the same page about what we hope to achieve. We’ll also discuss how we work with people and how we utilise cues and phrases while we shoot.

Lights, Camera, Action!

What most are surprised to find, is that the majority of the shoot is usually setting up lights and backgrounds and ensuring they’re on point. The time we actually spend with a thumb on the shutter button is a fraction of the setup time!

When we’re shooting, it’s essentially rolling with the shot list in the brief. Unless it’s very specific poses, we like to allow each subject to express who they are and provide direction only when absolutely necessary.

While shooting, if you’re in front of the camera, our responsibility is to ensure you’re comfortable. As photographers, we learn communication techniques that help us get the individual relaxed.

The other thing that happens throughout which you won’t necessarily notice, is we’re constantly observing the angles and shapes of the face and body. We understand which poses create things like double chins and unflattering arms, so we’ll guide you into positions that avoid those occurring.

As the shoot progresses, we’ll show you the images we’ve taken so you can see our progress and whether it’s in line with expectations. When we shoot, we work together to create images that showcase your business and brand!

Midway through, we generally take a short break to allow everyone to enjoy a breather and refresh.

Once we hit our time limit or we think we’ve nailed the brief, we’ll review the images to check that we have all bases covered—and hopefully from there it’s smiles and happy goodbyes!

Stay tuned for Part 3 of this series where we’ll outline what happens after the shoot through to delivery of the final image suite.

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