What’s the first image you should show on your website and socials?


Look, if you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted, one moment, would you capture it or just let it slip? In response to this first line of  Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ of course your answer would be “YES!”.

Research has show that it takes only milliseconds for individuals to make judgements on websites and brands. In that first moment when people see your business page (blog/socials or website) it is vital you instantaneously communicate the right message. A lot of this happens through visual imagery. But what type of imagery should you showcase first up? Fear not true believer’s as we’ve got some tips below to determine what’s right for you and your business.

Show off your key service or product 

Be bold, be conspicuous. If you possess a silver bullet or Thor’s hammer within your products or services, ensure they’re the first thing everyone sees. Don’t conceal your gifts to the world. Notice how the sub-heading above says “SHOW OFF”? Now is not the time for modesty. You don’t place the Eiffel Tower in sleepy outskirts, you plant it in the heart of Paris.

Consider this illustrative example of the power of visibility. Meet Jenny who craves scrumptious pastries and jumps onto our friends at Sucre Patisserie’s website . At the top of Sucre’s site Jenny discovers she can also attend patisserie making classes.

Jenny purchases some pastries and eagerly awaits their arrival. A few days later, she enjoys said delicious pastries over a coffee with her friend Sasha, who mentions her desire to make chocolate eclairs. Jenny recalls Sucre’s patisserie classes – due to them featured prominently at the TOP of Sucre’s website and informs Sasha who signs up on the spot! If Sucre had hidden the details of their classes beyond the front page, they might have missed out on Sasha becoming a customer!


Tell the inspirational story behind your brand

Tell your brand’s epic journey through captivating visuals that scream its values and impact. Use an image or even a short video clip to portray the transformation and growth you bring to your clients. From before-and-after shots to compelling visual metaphors, let your images weave a tale that resonates with your audience and importantly gets them feeling something.


Imagine you’re running a smashing restaurant with mind-blowing vibes, enchanting decor, and food that’s downright Instagrammable. Feature a single image that captures it all. Picture a delightful, charming waiter or waitress serving a table overflowing with your finest dishes. The guests on the table are having an absolute blast, itching to dive into those mouthwatering delights. That’s the visual feast that paints the picture, tells the story, and stirs up emotions that’ll have folks yapping about you and booking out your seatings till the next year!

If your service/product is hard to showcase in pictures, feature your target demographic

Take I.T. services as an example, they’re not the easiest to showcase through images  (usually it’s just someone sitting in front of a computer surrounded by bright white walls). Instead of fixating on the mundane process, highlight your interactions with diverse target clients. For instance, if you provide asset management software for construction vehicle companies, try capturing some pictures amidst a dazzling display of shiny, awe-inspiring construction vehicles. Let the juxtaposition of your work and their impressive machinery do the talking.

If your business is well known by the public, using an image or clip with an inspirational story can be highly effective (as your audience already knows what you offer). However if you are a smaller business with less brand awareness, then it helps to showcase immediately your key products or services.

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Till next time, stay present
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