How to utilise the images from your photoshoot in different ways Part 2

1. Utilise on all types of digital platforms

The digital world is now your digital oyster when it comes to sharing your content. You have websites, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tik Tok and the list goes on and on. Maximise the engagement and number of eyes that see your brand content, and repurpose the images to be spread across as many platforms as it is effective for you!



2. Use those images IRL

Are you the type of business that still has use for printed material? Then utilise those photos on your printed promotional assets. At Capture the Present, the images we provide are at a high resolution. This essentially means you can blow the images up to quite a large dimension and still maintain their quality. So utilise those images on flyers, banners, signs, menu boards and large prints to remind your audience about what you offer and the problems you solve!

3. Utilise free applications and upload your images to create super slick brand aligned content

Try uploading your images into free applications like Canva or Adobe Spark to create professional looking brand aligned flyers and promotional material.


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