How to utilise the images from your photoshoot in different ways Part 1

So you’ve just forked out some of your hard earned money for a photoshoot. You’re happy with the images, they do justice to and truly represent your brand. And you have a couple of ideas how to utilise them. But are you truly leveraging the images and maximising their usage?

Here are a few Capture the Present recommendations on all the different ways you can utilise your photos to create brand consistent content that engages your audience

1. Utilise the digital platforms and create a moving sequence of images and videos to share a story or message

Using platforms like Instagram (via Stories or Reels) incorporate images from your photoshoot into a video clip/sequence and craft a story. At Capture the Present, we utilise Instagram reels to showcase what’s involved in a photoshoot and incorporate photos to highlight how our workflow leads to a final product. This strategy can work for all different businesses! If you’re a food service, construct a reel to show how your signature dish is made from start to finish and use your images to conclude the reel and show off that mouthwatering dish. If you’re a landscaper, create a time lapse and reveal how your expertise results in the transformation of a flat patch of dirt into a spectacularly picturesque garden!

2. Black and white goodness

Some images look even more amazing in black and white and can often create a different mood to the photo. At Capture the Present we often handover black and white versions of the images to utilise. If you have a series of favourite images, try repurposing them for different material by utilising the black and white versions.

3. Overlay with text

What’s better than brand aligned images? Brand aligned images partnered with well constructed sentences! This might be special deals, quotes or educational information that you’re providing. Slap some sweet looking text over or next to your images and utilise that magical combo of text and images to get your offers out there for your audience to see.

4. Use only a proportion of the image

You don’t always have to use the whole image as is. The images we provide at Capture the Present are high resolution which provides you the ability to crop or zoom in and still retain quality. In the example image below you can see the original image at the top (taken for Kiratech), and how Kiratech have only used a portion of the shot to fit their website design!

And that’s part 1 of this series, stay tuned for part 2 with a few more additional tips that will help you get the most out of your images!

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