Content and marketing ideas to implement before the end of financial year


It’s that time of year again when the air is frosty, and marketing budgets can be tighter than a pair of ripped denim skinny jeans with holes in them. In contrast, some businesses have residual cashflow that needs spending before the ominous date of 30 June. And if you’re one of those businesses, but aren’t quite sure how to go about it you’ve come to right place, as we have a few ideas that will make your ripped-skinny-jeans-wearing-competitors shiver with envy!

  1. Year in Review Extravaganza

Roll out the red carpet and hire a film production company to create  mind-blowing promotional videos that takes your audience on a rollercoaster ride through the highlights, achievements, and monumental milestones of the past financial year. From dazzling footage of key events and triumphant projects to heartwarming testimonials from your loyal customers and devoted employees, this content extravaganza builds credibility faster than a boss’s morning coffee and reminds your audience just how ridiculously successful your business has become.

2. Employee Extravaganza

It’s time to give your amazing team the spotlight they deserve. Showcase their talents, celebrate their achievements, and let their infectious energy light up the screen. Feature employee spotlights in captivating videos or photo series, where you interview your rockstar team members (and also the ones who could use a bit more recognition) and give them a chance to shine brighter than a supernova. Who doesn’t love a good news story? Not only does this content showcase your company culture, but it also forges a personal connection with your audience.


3. Promo Mania

If there’s one buzzword that gets shoppers excited around this year its EOFYS SALES.  Design visuals and videos that will make your audience’s eyes pop out of their sockets with excitement. Announce those end-of-financial-year promotions, discounts, and exclusive deals with a bang.Think captivating imagery from a commercial photography shoot and pair that side by side with slick copy, and crystal clear calls-to-action. Like snags with sauce and onion at a Bunnings barbie, it’s a combo made in heaven. Get ready for a stampede of customers racing to devour those limited-time offers before they vanish!


4.Financial Fantasia

This ones for the number crunchers and financial aficionados out there. The accounting firms, the financial planners and advisors. Simplify those complex concepts that make people’s heads spin like Linda Blair’s in the Exorcist. Create videos or infographics that dish out practical tips, expert advice, and insights on tax planning, budgeting, or investment strategies relevant to your audience. Complex financial advice for tax planning can be pretty hard to grasp for most laymen, so make it easier to digest by combining visuals and metaphors to engage your audience effectively!



So there you have it, a few suggestions on how to effectively spend the remnants of your marketing budget for the current financial year, that in turn will improve your business.

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