5 images you MUST HAVE for your socials & website

Now that it’s well into the New Year, i’d like to provide a reminder email about the key images your business MUST have for strong engagement throughout your social platforms and online presence!

1. Brand aligned portrait a.k.a headshot

The first thing is to have a profile image that REFLECTS YOUR BRAND. There are far too many profile images floating around which don’t embody the tone of the brand itself!

If your brand is about providing warm, engaging customer service to your clients, a relaxed profile image like the one of Keva featured below might be on point for you. On the flip side, a headshot in a 3 piece suit would be the absolute opposite, so choose a style that is aligned!

2. Image demonstrating your process

Your customer needs to know that you can be trusted and that you are an expert in your field. If you’re a baker, SHOW an image of you expertly crafting a delicious cake, if you’re a scientific researcher, showcase an image of you in a lab running specific analyses and tests on special equipment! Let your audience witness you in your field of excellence.

3. Showcase the customer experience

You know what you provide is awesome and amazing for your customer, but do they know that? Let your customers SEE how incredible and awesome their experience is once they sign up to what you offer. Provide them with an image, where it doesn’t take too much effort for them to imagine them in that exact scenario.

4. The transformation of the customer

Imagine the feeling of satisfaction once you’ve purchased your dream home, sitting in the home with a glass of wine and soaking in what you’ve just achieved. Imagine that amazing feeling of being a new home owner and feeling like a new person.

That’s what great products and services provide do to us. They provide a transformation, they change how we are and how we feel. Notice how brands like Coca-Cola never talk about the flavour of their product, but rather focus on the feeling and happiness associated with the product?

That’s because those emotions throughout the transformation are universally relatable. So showcase in your content the transformation of your customers, and who they become once they utilise your product or service!

5. Product Images

Quite self explanatory really. If you have a tangible product, highlight it! Do you make delicious desserts? Do you create mobile applications? Are you a real estate agent who sells houses? Then show the splendour of what you offer to the world!

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