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Hi I’m Shaun a Adelaide wedding and portrait photographer and founder of Capture the Present.

Things that I love; spending time outdoors, burying my face in copious amounts of food, boxing, hiking, listening to good tunes and I don’t mind the odd bit of karaoke here and there!

But what really drives me is my photography. As an Adelaide photographer I love capturing moments and the romance of freezing a specific moment in time of authentic emotion that’s completely candid and raw.

If I had to describe my style of photography, it would be vibrant, joyous and fun. Moody, atmospheric or grungy isn’t really my thing. But photos that are bright and energetic that draw a big smile on your face definitely are!

And whilst there’s a place for poses, most of my photos are snapshots of a real moment in time. It’s those in-between moments that I find captivating, a sideways glance, a burst of laughter or even a roll of the eyes. My philosophy is that your photos should represent your essence rather than a staged persona. The most important thing to me is accurately capturing your essence and telling your story in an authentic way.

How I work

'When I work with my clients, I ensure they are provided the best value possible.

Value doesn’t only refer to the quality of the photos you receive. Equally as important is how much you enjoy the entire process of working with Capture the Present.

It’s all about crafting a fun, brilliant experience for you throughout the planning process and on the day of the shoot itself. For instance, for wedding shoots, I help you schedule your wedding day and assist where I can to make planning as easy as possible for you.

I have templates to help with organisation, and recommendations for fantastic suppliers and providers I have worked with. And I also ensure that the photoshoot on the big day is packed with fun and laughter. It’s your special day, and I believe you should be enjoying every moment of it!

Every step of the process is important to me. After all, being able to appreciate the moments is just as important as the end result! If you’re searching for an Adelaide wedding or portrait photographer, then don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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