Capture the Market Series 2

The single greatest gift about photography is the ability for images to connect with audiences and evoke emotion.

When you strip it all back, that’s essentially why people love photographs. Because it brings out powerful emotions. Images connect with people’s hearts and their souls and they speak to the viewer.

That is when the audience actually sees the photo.
That’s the thing with modern days, we’re so bombarded with distractions and competitive noise, a photographer may take the most strikingly incredibly photo of all time, and the work may never be seen because it’s drowned out amongst the prevalence of online imagery. I personally find it heartbreaking.

And that’s why I’ve realised, that putting your photo out there isn’t enough. There’s the old adage that if you produce good enough work, it will sell itself. I believe that to a degree.

I envisage the current online competition for attention like this; Imagine having the most incredible piece of artwork every created, but it’s situated in the corner of the dingiest, least visited room of the Louvre. No matter how amazing it is, the majority of individuals will likely never see it amongst the 70,000 square metres of floor space loaded with 20,000 other pieces of fantastic art. You’ll need signs, you’ll need information and you’ll need people talking about it for maximum viewing.

And that’s where social media comes into play, by creating my own noise, raising awareness, building communities through Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, my aim is to create a community of CTP followers who spread the word. It’s not enough just to post an image every now and then with a few slapdash hashtags. I’ve definitely learned that. I realize I actually have to devote a good proportion of my energies to connecting and engaging with other individuals on these social media platforms. You can view it as a hassle, but I’ve chosen to view it as a blessing, I view it as an incredible way for me to connect directly with potential clients from Adelaide all the way to Albuquerque.

So what’s my strategy? Well to actually understand and utilize all the platforms to their capacity. I’ve been perusing Instagram blogs, tutorials and watching videos about how to increase engagement. I’ve signed up for a Facebook marketing program which provides step by step guides on how to maximize engagement. And I’ve created a schedule which I truly intend to stick to, in order to get the word out about Capture the Present. And right here via my blog, I’ll be sharing all the things that have worked and haven’t worked for me.

So stay tuned, I’ll be connecting with you once again!

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