Hello, Nĭ Hăo, Neih Hou, Vanekum and Selamat Pagi all the way from Singapore, and welcome to my first ever blog post for Capture the Present!

I am very, very lucky to be on this extended working holiday in Singapore. Indulging in street photography and building my brand at the same time.  It has been an amazing opportunity that’s giving me flashbacks to the time when I first picked up a DSLR and taught myself some basic skills whilst traveling around the streets of Japan. (I still remember the frustration and confusion when I was learning about how a lower f-stop meant a larger aperture!). 

This last month has given me a chance to concentrate without distractions on building Capture the Present. There’s been a lot of work behind the scenes, and I’ve been busy honing and crafting the brand so it aligns stronger with my vision and long-term goals!

Of course, part of this work includes starting this blog. But some of you might ask, why would a photographer need to blog?

Well, wanting to share more than I can on Facebook or Instagram has inspired me to blog.

A key priority with Capture the Present is to connect with and establish strong relationships with existing and potential clients. The way I see it, the more social platforms I’m present on the more possibilities that are open to me to build connections. Blogging gives me a platform to connect with my target clients, share knowledge, advice and my experiences. Whilst the comments section allows you to connect back with any queries on your mind!

Facebook and Instagram are great for visual messages and sharing visual content, but there are times when I really just want to say something in words. In addition, I recently read a book (which I highly recommend) called Traction by Gabriel Weinberg which details the effective paths for businesses to increase exposure, and it further reinforced that blogging was a channel worth pursuing me. 

So from here on, I’ll be sharing my journey of building Capture the Present as a brand, documenting my experiences, learnings, successes and even my *gulp* failures through this blog! This post I promise will just be the first of many rants : ) 

But what would a photography blog be without any actual photography? So, here are some street snaps I’ve taken during the last few weeks of my travels in Singapore! 

Speak soon, Shaun. 

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